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ADT Inc. is a premier bilingual (English/Spanish) wholesale distributor of beef, pork, poultry, lamb, seafood, and other food products. Nurtured by proactive management and technological advances, ADT has grown into one of the most efficient meat-distribution operations in the nation, capable of supplying the high-volume requirements of both United States and international customers.
With approximately 33,000 square feet of cold storage space, we satisfies our responsibility of maintaining the proper storage and handling of goods in our own facilities, ensuring the highest standards in hygiene, quality control, and consumer satisfaction.
We provide safe, wholesome, quality products to customers while preserving and protecting environmental resources, contributing in a meaningful way to the community, and earning a fair return on our business investment. Our values and policies express our commitment to people, customers, and the environment.
1718 S Brazos Street · San Antonio, Texas 78207 · tel 210.226.5029 · fax 210.628.1962 · TLH@ADTLP.COM