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All of the products that we import meet the highest quality standards for food products.

Our import department has excellent connections with domestic and international food producers and suppliers. Our imports come from different countries like Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Canada, and many others. Some of our imports from Australia and New Zealand include beef products, such as round cuts and inside skirts, but also mutton carcasses and lamb shoulders, necks, and breasts. From China and Taiwan, we import seafood products including tilapia, shark loins, and pollock fillets. From Canada, we import a great volume of boxed beef and beef offals.

We encourage you to contact us if you have anything to offer or demand, and if you think it is in our field of business.

The imports described here are some of the basic products that we supply, which does not mean that we cannot handle other related products. If you are interested in an item, just ask us about it. If you need it, we will find it and distribute it to you.

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